Any space is as much a part of the instrument as the instrument itself... Pauline Oliveros
Hello, I am Dr. Elyssebeth Leigh and I have dedicated my life to the education of others… Yes you can learn FROM a book, but learning also needs to be lived and experienced, so that those experiences can teach us and ensure the learning sticks. It IS for this reason that I firmly believe that learning should be fun and engaging. 

Dr. Elyssebeth Leigh

About Me…

……… Dr. Elyssebeth Leigh

My passion for the education extends not only to others but also to myself, and to sustain this commitment I have attended workshops and seminars on topics within – and beyond – my core interests of simulations and adult education. Over the past 10 years I have under taken training in:-

Theory U workshop by Otto Scharmer (Society for Organisational Learning).

Process Communication Management courses leading to current certification as a Trainer/ Presenter of programs addressing improvement of communication strategies in business and personal context.

Team Role Preferences workshops leading to current certification as a facilitator of learning programs based on the work of Meredith Belbin research on team roles.

Cognitive Edge Knowledge Management also known as the Cynefin Domains of Knowledge workshops leading to current certification as a presenter of futures oriented research programs in the field of information and knowledge management.

World Café Workshops in preparation for current capacity to design and present futures oriented, research-based learning programs for organisational change, performance improvement and social development.

Tetramap workshops leading to current certification as a designer and presenter of organisational change and leadership development programs using the Tetramap tools.

Psychodrama attendance at programs addressing the use of psychodrama as a learning and development strategy for personal and organisational change.

Organisational Change & Development attendance at workshops led by Peter Senge on a range of issues linked to his work on “The Fifth Discipline” and building capacity for systemic change.