If you don't speak their language they'll never hear you!
Process Communication´╗┐ is being used successfully in companies mainly as a management tool, as a vehicle to improve salesmanship, as a powerful marketing survey tool, as a political polling tool, as a dynamic tool for making speeches more effective, ...’

Taibi Kahler


………..by Dr. Elyssebeth Leigh

P.C.M. (Process Communication Model) is an innovative tool which enables you to understand, motivate, and communicate effectively with others. People who use the Process Communication Model benefit from a whole range of practical tools specifically designed for successful management of communication.

Dr. Taibi Kahler, discovered how to identify and respond appropriately second by second' to patterns of productive behaviour (
successful communication) and non-productive behaviour (miscommunication).

In 1978 NASA took advantage of this discovery by using Process Communication in the selection, placement, and training of astronauts. Today, tens of thousands of people, from astronauts to entrepreneurs, have put these distinctions to work for themselves.

Based on a scientific clinical discovery Process Communication has been researched through thirty years and experienced by almost a million people on five continents in applications such as sales, business, education, politics, religion, medicine, parenting, and personal relationships. Process Communication provides a reliable and validated method of identifying and understanding personality structures, the impact of life events, and communication dynamics.

Process Communication makes it easy to simply observe and understand your own behaviour, understand the behaviour of others and know how to communicate with them effectively and analyse conflict and miscommunication and know how to find resolution and a return to effective communication.